100 countries reached!


Now it went fast, already at 100 countries!

The note I found that made 100 countries is from Argentina!

This is the 5 Pesos (5 ARS) that got Demonetized on 1st of March 2020.

It is amazing 100 countries already!

When you organize

Many people from all over the world responded to my request to help me with my collections, but this is not the way I reached 100 countries.

I already had them.....

To my shame I have to admit I already had them, creating this website gave me time and an overview. I am now making pictures, achieving and registration all notes I have. 

That is how I found that in some maps of countries I had the wrong notes, so I found out I had more countries then I thought!

Special notes

I also found a very special note from North Ireland! 

The 10 pound note is a special edition, Commemorative note: 400th anniversary of Old Bushmills Distillery - 2008

Keep on sending!

Keep on sending and trading the bank notes you have! I would now love to go to the 200 counries!

Dingli cliffs window
Dingli cliffs window

Malta my country!

As many of you know I live on Malta and I am born in the Netherlands.

After 10 years on Malta I put all the information about Malta in a website. This website is great when you want to visit Malte.